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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The idle period is over....

greetings race fans. This is your captain speaking. I was on vacation for the last week and didn't get much Numerator stuff done. Oddly enough we passed through Providence on our East Coast Journey. I saw the hotel that the team will be staying at in Providence. It looked pretty cool from the road at 70 mph.

Design Update:
-SolidWorks 3D model of the body shell has been completed. Frame design will be finished this week.

Construction Update:
-Body shell fiberglass mold work will begin today. Perhaps fiberglass layup this weekend. Bring your respirator!!
-Frame components will begin their transformation in the machine shop this week also.

Theme Song:
-Mark has been working on THE NUMERATOR theme song for our intro. It is in it's final stages

Battery Update:
-They are on the charger

~The Numerator is always on top.


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