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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Update: The Frame

Yesterday was the beginning of frame construction. I bought the steel from Ace Steel and Recycling here in Rapid City. I used my trusty snowboard rack to carry the precious cargo back to the Lab. Craig Grunfelder and myself spend some quality time with the chop saw last night and got all the miter cuts made for the main frame members. I need to add a few more members into the solidworks model to stiffen the frame up a little bit. My solidworks model shows that the frame and wheels should weigh in at about 52lbs.

My Brother Rusty brought up a cool idea for the wheel covers. He thinks we should write Pi out to a bizzillion places on the wheel covers. Starting on the outer most ring by the rim and spiral the numbers to the center. I think it would look pretty sweet when The Numerator is cruising down the track.

Any thoughts?


At 11:01 AM, Blogger That Guy said...

Huge fan of the Pi idea - Cheers to Rusty.

Let me know what the dimension of the wheel covers are and I could run that out via Kinkos this weekend


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